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electronic music production course basel

One to One Individual coaching in Basel

Private lessons in all areas

DAW Workflows / Arrengement / Track Structure / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering

Completely individualized course

No standard youtube sh*t

Pragmatic, practical approaches

Flat learning curve


Joel Hostettler Music Production Coach

Joel Hostettler

Dipl. Audio Ing.

Become a student of trickery.

“Art is the creation of an illusion. Understanding the elementary components and applying them with philosophical considerations in complex situations. This is art”

Do you have a passion for electronic music? Then our electronic music production course in Basel is the perfect choice for you.

Tailored Just for You

Our course is tailored to your specific needs and goals, adapting to your level and pace. This way, we make sure you understand every concept and technique you need to produce professional-quality music.

Quality Over Quantity

Say goodbye to low-quality YouTube tutorials. Our comprehensive coaching gives you in-depth knowledge so you can progress quickly without distraction.

Learning by Doing

Our hands-on learning philosophy ensures that you can immediately apply what you learn to real-world projects and develop a deep understanding of music production techniques.

Easy Progress

With the right tools and best practices, we'll guide you to your goal without overwhelming you.


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