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produce your electronic music in a high-end studio

a studio built for electronic music production

high end acoustics

lambda labs qx3 sound system

genelec 8351 monitoring

top notch modular synthesizer

rent a studio in basel

  • constructing your own studio is tedious, costly and a pain in the neck.

  • in your home studio you can't really turn up the volume and/or you always have the same problems in the mid and bass area.

  • headphones aren't the real deal either - they can be annoying and have several acoustic disadvantages, such as misleading stereo imaging, various types of distortion and unclear depth grading of the mix.

  • all these drawbacks lead to poor decisions in early production and add up to a generally unprofessional product.

there is a studio in basel

  • where you can produce your electronic music undisturbed at high volumes

  • which you can rent regularly at reasonable prices to bring your productions to the highest level

  • that you can use to reliably judge your tracks or produce them from scratch

a studio designed for electronic music

produce - mix - master

in a studio that was planned, designed and built specifically for the needs of a modern electronic music producer. 

listen to your tracks 

on the renowned lambda labs qx3 soundsystem with over 90db sound pressure level like in the club or at festivals. Feel your beat, just as your audience would.

make the most crucial decisions

in your productions with high-end mastering acoustics with reverberationtimes under 300ms down to 30hz. 

give your tracks a distinctive sound

with a top-class modular synthesizer system especially designed for electronic music directly at the sweetspot.

in our studio in basel you get

kybernetik.lab tonstudio in basel zum mieten

a bright futuristic ambience for inspiring moments

space for you and your producing partner

kybernetik.lab tonstudio in basel rückansicht
kybernetik.lab tonstudio in basel und lewitt lct 940 mikrofon

a studio on the 4th floor with an urban view over basel

mastering grade acoustics with less than 300ms reverberation time down to 30hz

kybernetik.lab frequency response of the measurement

measurement without room equalization active

kybernetik.lab 360 degree led and beamer setup

custom 360degrees LED-beamer setup with reactive music control

a full featured lambda labs qx3 sound system built into the wall

kybernetik.lab lambda labs qx3 flush mount installation
kybernetik.lab eurorack modular synthesizer built into the studiodesk

modular synthesizer specially designed for electronic music directly at the sweetspot


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get to know the studio
for free

let's meet briefly in the studio so you can get an idea and discover the possibilities

make the right decisions in your productions with

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