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Get your tracks to translate perfect in any situation and platform.

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Mixing and mastering service for audiophiles and enthusiasts


Optimized for streaming with competitive loudness. Multiple loudness versions.

mastered with qx3™

Mastered with QX3

Optimized for large events and big speaker systems outdoor and indoor sperately.

Physical media

Optimized for physical media (cds,vinyl, etc.) and other requirements.

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What makes my mastering process different?

​Compression, density, saturation and the resulting loudness must be adjusted to suit the playback situation and genre. These factors have a significant influence on the subjectively perceived loudness and ultimately the quality of a production, even if it is normalized to the standardized loudness norm of a platform.


In many cases, tracks that are processed more densely and saturated can appear louder or more present than others despite normalization.

mastered for streaming waveform compressed


mastered with qx3 waveform dynamic


Join the loudness-war online while making peace on stage.

While conventional mastering involves tradeoffs, we offer you a solution without any compromise. Make your track sound tight and loud on streaming platforms like others, without sacrificing VIBRANCY, DEPTH and CLARITY at gigs with big speakers.

  • .stream

    • Optimized for streaming
    • Multiple masters (low and high density version)
  • .extend

    • Optimized for streaming
    • Multiple masters (low and high density version)
    • Mastered with QX3™
  • .signature

    • Optimized for streaming
    • Unlimited versions according to common sense
    • Mastered with QX3™
    • Optimized for big stages
    • Optimized for indoor club

Contact us for general consulting or projects like mixing and album masterings.

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